How to Acclimate Fish

The "cut and dump" method as we call it seems to be the common way to acclimate. This method works until it doesn't work anymore.

We have another way to acclimate your fish and critters---Drip Acclimation! You need drip line or an acclimation line and a bucket/large container/pitcher. One end of the drip line will go into your tank (anchored or clipped down) and then you are going to create a siphon on the opposite side that will hang in your bucket. You will create a knot in the drip line, a few inches from where the water is coming out, the tighter the knot--the slower the drip. You are looking for a consistent drip not a stream. Make sure the drip is actually making its way into the bucket and not the floor! After you have started your drip line, cut open your new critters and place them and their water into the bucket.

........Continue reading for Freshwater and Saltwater Instructions


For Freshwater:

We want to make sure your new freshwater fish do not go into shock when adding them to your tank. Ph is what we are looking to match while acclimating.  While your new fish are acclimating in the bucket with your tank water being dripped in, check the pH of your tank and the pH of the bucket. Once they match, the fish can be netted out and go in!!! This process should take no less than 30mins. We treat our freshwater main fish system with Prazipro and Paraguard from Seachem. DO NOT USE COMMERCIAL MAIN FISH SYSTEM WATER IN YOUR AQUARIUM. 

For Saltwater:

Southern Aquatics personally DOES NOT use copper in our fish system. However, we do keep the fish system between 1.018-1.020 salinity and treat with Paraguard from Seachem. After trial and error over the past year, this method works for us to provide you with the healthiest fish. Which is why we stress the long acclimation period. Acclimating fish from 1.018 up to 1.025 should take no less than 3 hours. When drip acclimating saltwater fish we are concerned about the salinity. Once the salinity in the bucket matches the salinity in your tank they are good to be netted out and put into your tank!


We are here to help! Call us, email us, Facebook us---no question is a dumb question. This hobby is filled with many opinions and different ways of doing the same thing. 

When some one asks to put one more fish in their tank---this is what we think of! 

When some one asks to put one more fish in their tank---this is what we think of! 

Great Start to the New Year!

We have loved seeing both new and familiar faces the past few months being open! We are overwhelmed with the love and support from each of you. We plan on making this year awesome---with cool fish of course!

Some upcoming news for the coming months: In March we will be attending Global Expo in Orlando FL which means we will be closed from March 16-18. We will get to see all the cool new products your favorite brands are coming out with and (hopefully!) bring some back. 

We do plan on designing a custom tank for along the back wall of the store that will be interactive for our customers along with bringing in some live rock and gorgeous driftwood so that you may add to or start the design of your aquarium. We have a lot of ideas brewing! 

This week we did receive a freshwater fish and invert shipment also a ton of corals! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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