Whats the deal with water changes?

Whats the deal with water changes?

All about water changes! 

Back to the Basics!

Back to the Basics!

Back to the Basics--How to cycle your new aquarium!

Great Start to the New Year!

We have loved seeing both new and familiar faces the past few months being open! We are overwhelmed with the love and support from each of you. We plan on making this year awesome---with cool fish of course!

Some upcoming news for the coming months: In March we will be attending Global Expo in Orlando FL which means we will be closed from March 16-18. We will get to see all the cool new products your favorite brands are coming out with and (hopefully!) bring some back. 

We do plan on designing a custom tank for along the back wall of the store that will be interactive for our customers along with bringing in some live rock and gorgeous driftwood so that you may add to or start the design of your aquarium. We have a lot of ideas brewing! 

This week we did receive a freshwater fish and invert shipment also a ton of corals! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

For anyone who has been in, we would love to hear what you thought---Leave us a Review!

Wonderful New Additions!

We have some awesome freshwater and saltwater fish in! We also have a great selection of plants along with some corals. Come see us! We open at 11am and Close at 7pm